We are Drip UK

DripUK Offer a full circular service to our customers. Starting from an initial phone conversation, potential customers provide us with field details Water supply position, Direction of planting & map references. 

With this information we produce a site plan and an initial specific field quotation based on the growers own actual field site. The first time we meet with the grower we have something to work from and build upon. Growers may provide some equipment of their own which will reduce the overall cost. This approach gives growers a very accurate costing from the very first meeting with no hidden costing or unexpected call out charges over and above these early costings.

We modify this field plan and Quotation to accommodate any findings from our first meeting. At this point the growers have a full quotation for both Purchase & Hire of the new system. We can supply on either basis with several options to help the grower in their final decision-making process.

Our model usually sees us supplying Hire equipment in year one giving growers a first season to understand how systems work and how we can help and work together to get the best from the investment. Seeing the equipment work on their own soil types, their own varieties and with their own labour and existing infrastructure for pumping etc makes a big difference to future planning. Growers have the option to buy for year two or hire again. It is not unknown in some cases for us to jointly decide that Drip irrigation is not most suited for that business!

Decisions made, we supply and install all equipment, Commissioning and handing over to growers & managers for the season. In some crops we provide the management of the systems or attend weekly to assist with fertigation applications or maintenance. As the season comes to an end our team will clear the fields of equipment and remove the tape from cropped area ready to make way for harvesting machinery. Once removed from the ground we will remove the tape to a recycling facility. Providing the grower with a waste disposal receipt in order to comply with their various assurance schemes.  

Drip Uk Timeline


Laying the foundations

17 years growing irrigated vegetables & Potatoes for a number of large growing and packing businesses across eastern counties. Experiences with Organic & conventional cropping.


The beginning

Howseman Agriculture started trading as labour and advisory service business.


Foliar feeds & Irrigation

Howseman Agrisupplies starts trading as sales and supply business. Foliar feeds & Irrigation.


The big one

Howseman Agrisupplies awarded contract for full end to end growing and management of 200 acres of potatoes for large packing company. To include 200acres DRIP IRRIGATION.


Equipment acquired

First 200acres worth of equipment acquired for hire & contracting business. Total area of 350 acres contracted, commissioned and managed for 3 growers.


Contractor of the year

850 acres of contracting, commissioning and managing undertaken in Lincolnshire on 6 potato farms. Andrew Howseman is BRITISH FARMING AWARDS. CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR.


DripUK is born

Drip UK brand launched. Joint businesses supply, install, commission & manage 1300acres of Drip irrigation across 4 counties for 12 growers. On both Onion & Potato crops.


Growing our offering

Install , commission, manage 1100acres across 4 counties on 16 farms. Fertigation services offered, Tape recycling and removal from farms starts.


We're just getting started

Supply, Install, Commission, & manage 1700 acres across 4 counties for 20 growers. New crops Parsnips & Carrots also trialled.