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DripUK founder Andrew Howseman has 35year’s experience managing & growing Irrigated crops across several counties.

Managing crops of irrigated Potatoes, Onions, Vegetables, Carrots, Herbs and various Organic crops, with a broad experience of varying soil types and the difference this makes to irrigation requirements, Andrews valuable knowledge is a great starting point for anyone looking to make a move into Drip Irrigation. 

Having spent 18 years managing a number of large growing & Packing businesses in 2012 Andrew established the first of his Howseman Agriculture business’s quickly becoming a recognised leader in the supply and support of Drip Irrigation systems. 

“Our depth of knowledge and hands on experience built up over the years ensures that we can tailor a Drip Irrigation solution in most crops and soil types”.

What we do

DripUK Offer a full circular service to our customers. Starting from an initial phone conversation, potential customers provide us with field details Water supply position, Direction of planting & map references. 

With this information we produce a site plan and an initial specific field quotation based on the growers own actual field site. The first time we meet with the grower we have something to work from and build upon. Growers may provide some equipment of their own which will reduce the overall cost. This approach gives growers a very accurate costing from the very first meeting with no hidden costing or unexpected call out charges over and above these early costings.

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Andrew Howesman
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The Potato Open Day
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The Potato Open Day
8th July 2019

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